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What is your favourite word? 

Mine is “Água”, “water” in Portuguese. I’ve always liked how it sounds, what it evokes and when I think about it deeply, its importance.

Contemplating a river, the sky, clouds, the ocean or a waterfall makes me feel I’m breathing spiritually, it brings me a sensation of plenitude. This window between landscape and spirituality is the source of my work.


I’m interested in natural textures, patterns, natural phenomena and fragments within a place or experience. These visual moments draw my attention leading me to something bigger than us; the Visible leads to the Invisible, it connects what I see and my inner self.

I consider this uncanny experience is or can be universal. Each person has their own way of connecting with landscape.


I’m a multidisciplinary artist who works with printmaking, photography, painting and drawing.

Mystery, time, perception, the Sublime, ambiguity, soft transitions, overlayed elements, merged backgrounds and foregrounds are key-ideas within my practice.

I have been using new technologies to create my matrixes. I use fragments of landscapes in order to represent mysterious and unknown spaces, other landscapes. These digital collages, made by photographs taken by me or analogical processes that I turn into digital, are the expression of something intangible. 

I intend to raise questions, to awake an interior reflection.

I’ve been printing my digital work on a very delicate paper. This enhances the ephemeral, the lightness and fragility of landscape, the thin border between the visible and the invisible world.


My current body of work is a reflection about time and vanishing. Blurred, delicate images express the ephemerality of life and our impermanence. And “Água/Water” is always present.


Vija Celmins and her surfaces, Sugimoto and his seascapes, Matisse, JMW Turner and Christiane Baumgartner are some references for my practice.

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