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What is your favourite word? 

Mine is “Água”, “water” in Portuguese. I’ve always liked how it sounds, what it evokes, its importance.

Contemplating a river, the sky, clouds, the ocean or a waterfall makes me feel I'm breathing spiritually, it brings me plenitude. This window between landscape and spirituality is the source of my work.


I'm interested in natural textures, patterns, natural phenomena and fragments within a place or experience. These visual moments draw my attention leading me to something bigger than us; the Visible leads to the Invisible, it connects what I see and my inner self.

I consider this uncanny experience as universal, each person has their own way of connecting with landscape.


I'm a multidisciplinary artist who works with printmaking, photography, painting and drawing.

Mystery, time, perception, the Sublime, ambiguity, soft transitions, overlayed elements, merged backgrounds and foregrounds are key-ideas within my practice.

I have been using new technologies to create my matrixes. I use fragments of landscapes in order to represent mysterious and unknown spaces, other landscapes. These digital collages, made by photographs taken by me or by analogical processes that I turn into digital, are the expression of something intangible. 

I intend to raise questions, to awake an interior reflection.

I’ve been printing my digital work on a very delicate paper. This enhances the ephemeral, the lightness and fragility of landscape, the thin border between the visible and the invisible world.


My current body of work is about the "blue" and how I find spirituality in it. And “Água/Water” is always present.


Vija Celmins and her surfaces, Sugimoto and his seascapes, Matisse, JMW Turner and Christiane Baumgartner are some references for my practice.

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